Virginia Driving Records Search Online

If you are trying to find a driving record or a DMV record from the state of Virginia, you can find both at the Virginia website to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The homepage to Virginia state is The official website for the Virginia DMV can be found on the internet at This is a website that has a tremendous amount of information available involving everything from Disability Programs to Insurance Verification to Mature Drivers to Military Personnel.

The webpage for the Virginia DMV is designed with a great deal of specific information. At the lft side of the page you will find in the brown section a long list of services. Th list of sections starts with Online Transactions information, Office Locations and Citizen Services, with the list of services below those sections.

At the center of the page is a complete and specific writeup followed by a list of what is necessary for obtaining a driving record or a Vehicle or DMV record. Whatever you are looking for from the official DMV records to Driving Records you can get these things and more through the Virginia DMV.

You may obtain a copy of your driver or vehicle record online, by visiting one of our customer service centers, or by writing to DMV. The charge for the record is $8. If the record is to be certified, an additional $5 fee will be required. When you visit the official webpage, the addresses and phone numbers, as well as a form to send in your request online are available right on the website to make it all easier for you to use.

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