Michigan Driving Records Search

If you are looking for DMV or Driving Records in Michigan, these records are overseen under the Michigan Secretary of State Ofice.  The best way to find DMV or Driving Records in Michigan is to o on the internet to the site at www.michigan.gov/sos/ and you will find a tremendous aount of information available.

To the left of the page is a blue box that has important titles in it that you can click on to get facts you need.  Any and all information you might need regarding driving licenses and records is available there.  You can click on any of them and be taken to that particular page which will provide you the information that is essential to that subject and the information you need.

In the middle of the page there are various headings you can click on.  One that is very important is toward the bottom right of the middle of the page is a section regarding Driving Records and DMV Records.  There is also another Driving Record section right at the top third of the middle of the page, as well.  With all this information on simply these couple of areas it, it should not be hard to find the information you need and more.

There are also links to forms, other offices and contact information that you can click on at the very top of the page, making this website extremely helpful and complete.

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