Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicle Records: How to search for them and order

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles not only gives you all the information you need and has an easy to maneuver through website, providing all of the information you need for mailing, calling, or visiting an office. With the ability to contact every division of the Connecticut Department or Motor Vehicles, you know you will get the attention you deserve the best service possible.

Records can be obtained from any of the following:
By mail – If you wish to contact a specific division, person or unit use the address bellow with the name or division as the heading:

Department of Motor Vehicles
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161

In Person – For the list of walk in offices the following web site has links for city walk in offices:

Electronically – If you need more information, want other lists of locations of offices, departments, or services the following website is the official Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles:

To e-mail:

On the other hand, to find more information on e-mailing the Connecticut department of motor vehicles you can find more links at:

Questions – If you do not have internet access and want to find out more or want to ask any questions not answered in this article call:
(The following numbers have suggested hours that are best to call: Wednesday has operators all day, Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings also have live operators.)

To contact the telephone center call one of the following numbers:  (860) 263-5700 

If that number is out of service or you are unable to reach an operator call  (800) 843-8222 

If you want to contact the Commissioner (Robert M. Ward) call:  (860) 263-5601 

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