North Dakota Driving Records

Finding North Dakota DMV Records is a straightforward task when you go to their official website.  The site, which is maintained by the North Dakota Department of Transportation, is located at and is organized into four main categories.  The main category to look under on the home page is the category in the rectangle marked “Public” which deals with registering your vehicle, licensing and registration and driving records online.

The contact information is easy to find.  It is located as the first section to click on at the left hand of the page in the blue section.  The General Information phone number is 701-328-2500, and there are phone numbers and Email links for every department including Drivers License, Motor Vehicles and more.  There are also phone numbers and information for every district office.

North Dakota has definitely tried to provide plenty of information and services online and/or by phone so that customers do not have to make a trip to their local office unless truly necessary.  Of course, there are independent sites that offer information, however, they usually charge extra fees and their information is not always as accurate and up to date as the official sites.

For DMV or Driving Records in North Dakota, go to or call 701-328-2500.

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