Minnesota Driving Records Search Tips

If you are looking for Minnesota driving records the website for the State of Minnesota is the best place to look.  The official website for the Minnesota Department of Transportation is www.dot.state.mn.us and has a great deal and a large variety of information on it. 

When the home page opens you are treated to lots of information.  There is even a section for Kids, and though it seems like there is almost too much information on one page, if you take your time to look through it, you can find what you need.

To find driver information you can click on the section at the left side of the page that is entitled Drivers Licenses and Vehicle Registration or click on the section right below it that is entitled Online Services.  Between the two sections you should be able to get all the driving record information you need.

There is also an excellent section that has contact information and office locations.  It is also on the left side of the page and you can click on it to find the locations of all offices.  You can also reach the Minnesota Motor Vehicles by telephone at 651-296-6911, by Email at motor.vehicle@dot.state.mn.us, and in person or by mail by clicking on the Office Locations section and finding the office closest to you.

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