Louisiana Driving Records Search

If you are trying to find driving records in Louisiana, the state has developed an excellent and complete site for your search.  The official site is http://omv.dps.state.la.us/ which actually stands for the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles.

When you enter the website, the official home page has a tremendous amount of information which is organized in such a way that it is easy to find and not overwhelming.  Instead of a lot of boxes and sections, there are headings on the left side of the page with lists of sections to click on below the headigs.  The font is large enough for most people to read, as well.

If you are looking for a driving record, you can click on that subheading and you will be taken to the page that deals with driving records.  Louisiana has tried to put as much as possible online so that people can access information without having to visit in person.  However, if you wish to visit the Offce of Motor Vehicles in person there is also a list of addresses and phone numbers so that you can find the office closest to where you live.

Listed on the main page is contact information containing a heading to click on to email the Office of Motor Vehicles, to call the main number or to write to them.  These are well marked and easy to find.

There are other sites not directly connected to the actual official Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles site, however, it is always best to go to the official site because they have the most up to date information and they do not charge extra fees on top of the actual state fees.

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