Illinois Driving Records Search Tools

Finding driving records information in Illinois is an easy and straightforward process due to an excellent website that has a great deal of information and is easy to use even by a newcomer to the internet. 

If you go online to find driving records and enter their address (, you will be taken to a website that was created to help you get as much of your driving records research online as possible.  The site is overseen by Secretary of State Jesse White’s office under the Driver Services Department of Illinois.  Aside from issuing millions of driver’s licenses and identification cards, the Illinois Driver Services Department maintains all driving records and vehicle registration information.

The website, entitled “CyberDriveIllinois” is easy to use and has numerous categories to click on so that you can narrow down your search and find what you want.  You can renew your driver’s license and vehicle registration online, get vehicle records, driving records, find out about liens and more just by searching the CyberDriveIllinois site.

There are a great many independent and private sites listed on the internet that offer this information, there are drawbacks to using those sites because they will only get you some or all of the information and records that you need, often for a substantial fee in addition to the official Illinois fees.  This being the case, the best place to get Illinois DMV records is on this official site because you will only be charged actual DMV fees, there will be no hidden charges, and the information you receive will be the most accurate and up to date information available.

You can contact the Illinois Driver Services Department by using the contact information below:

Springfield Admin. Office:    Chicago Admin. Office:
2701 S. Dirksen Parkway    17 North State, Suite 1100
Springfield, IL 62723    Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: (217) 782-6212    Phone: (800) 252-8980
Hours: Monday – Friday    Hours: Monday – Friday    8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.    8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
You can also Email the Driver Services Department from their website.  Once you fill out the Email form and click send, your Email will go directly where it needs to go.

Finding driving records, DMV records and other driving or vehicle information is now easier than ever.  You can retrieve the information you need at the click of a mouse.

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