Idaho Driving Records Search Tips

Finding information regarding driving records is clear cut and easy on the Idaho Department of Transportation (DOT) website.  The main page is organized well and describes who can obtain records and for what reasons. 

The page goes on to provide more information plus a link for people to click on that takes the directly to the request for driving information and records form. 

There is a driver services section to click on that provides lots of information including how to deal with insurance, accidents, and a special section for new and/or young drivers.

There is also a button to click on which will take you directly to an extensive list of Driver Services Offices.  Each office listed has addresses, phone numbers, types of services provided and hours that services are provided.

This is one of the most colorful, complete and excellent sites to get driving information from.  Since they list every possible phone number and address for all their offices, there are not a lot of other contact number.  However there is a main office address and phone number listed.

The main office mailing or walk-in address for the Idaho DOT is:
3311 West State Street – P.O. Box 7129
Boise, Idaho 83707-1129
The main phone number to the Division of Motor Vehicles/Driver Service Section

The website is

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