Florida Driving Records Ordering Process: How to search for them

Florida has many convenient walk-in offices that you can use to look up driving records. However, they also have a very efficient official website. You are able to file complaints, find information, and find forms that you may need to register for a license, or to find copies, driving records, and much more. You are also able to set your appointments online or go through some of the steps you need to get a duplicate of your driving records or even for your identification card.

Records can be obtained:
By mail – If you are trying to find a mailing address for the department of motor vehicles in Florida the address is a joint mailing address for both the DMV and the Department of Highway Safety shown below:

Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Neil Kirkman Building
2900 Apalachee Parkway
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0500

In Person – Due to the amount of walk-in offices that Florida has available for residents, rather than listing all of these in this article, you are able to use their search engine at the following link:


Electronically – If you are looking to have your transaction be primarily online here is some information on reaching the department of motor vehicles via internet access:

The following if the official website of the Florida department of Motor Vehicles: http://www.flhsmv.gov/

The following is an e-mail you are able to use to contact the Florida department of motor vehicles: publicrecords@flhsmv.gov

If the above e-mail does not work or your e-mails seem to be returned to you, you are also able to use the following e-mail address if unable to contact the above e-mail or if you have a complaint or questions regarding their website: HSMV-Info@flhsmv.gov

Questions – To contact a customer services representative by telephone use the following number: (850)  617-2000

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