California Driving Records Search

If you are trying to find Driving records or information in California, you can go to the state website, which is an excellent and complete site for your search.  The official site is which actually stands for the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

The official home page has a tremendous amount of information which is easyto naigate. Information is easy to find and the page is not overwhelming.  There are headings at the top of the page along with 6 squares in the middle of the pagewith lists of sections to click on that reflect the information in the headings. 

California is one of the states that is trying to do as much DMV business online, both to help consumers, save time and to save resources.  If you are looking for driving records, you can click on the square either on the top of the page or the middle of the page entitled “Forms”, then click on Driving Records and you will be taken to the page that has the information and form to request the records you need.  Though there are  great many online services on the site, if you wish to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles in person there is also a list of addresses and phone numbers so that you can find the office closest to where you live.

Listed at the top and the bottom of the main page is contact information, as well as a list of all online services and a heading at the left side of the page to click on to email the Department of Motor Vehicles, which is entitled Automated Email. This information can be helpful especially in the event that you need certain records that are sealed or restricted.

There are other sites not directly connected to the actual official California Department of Motor Vehicles site, however, it is always best to go to the official site because they have the most up to date information and they do not charge extra fees on top of the actual state fees.  If you are unable to get the information you need from the official site, some of the independent sites can be of assistance, but it is important to be sure the sites are legitimate, will not over-charge or randomly charge your credit card with hidden fees, and most of all, make sure they can actually get you the information you want.  If the information is sealed or restricted by the Department of Motor Vehicles, other sites do not necessarily have access to them either.  Always check for information on the official site first, and if you cannot get what you need online, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles and find out if they can help or how they can help before trying to get information through an outside site.

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