Alabama Public Records: How to Order Public Records in AL

The Alabama Department of Revenue: Motor Vehicle Division is responsible for all driver records (known as MVRs). Records are not available for pre-1975 vehicles.

If you are intended to purchase auto insurance, obtaining and maintaining current driving records is very vital. Moreover, you must check them for any possible errors. These driving records are public within Alabama State. To obtain them, you are required to fill and forward appropriate application form along with the required fees.

While requesting your driving records, you must carry following things
• Present driver’s license ID
• License plate number
• VIN number of your vehicle (you can find it on your windshield)
• Your duly signed photo ID. (In case, you don’t have then you must provide notarized signature)

The request charges for copies of all driving records differ based upon if you wish to go in person or order your records over phone/online. These fees are payable by money order and are non-refundable. All certificates are available:

By mail – by sending the fee and necessary information to:
Alabama Department of Revenue
Motor Vehicle Division
P.O. Box 327630
Montgomery, AL 36103-5625

In Person – Any member of the Alabama Vital Records will be able to assist you.

Electronically – through DrivingRecord.Org using a credit card. Additional fees for a credit card charge will apply plus shipping. If you should experience problems with the online ordering, please fax (877) 635-8552 or use the internal e-mail on their site.

Questions – E-mail via their internal e-mail located at:

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