Driving Records Search Articles

Iowa Driving Records Search Tips

Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) oversees all driving record information.  Their website, at www.iowa.gov has an excellent, easy to use set up.  Once on the site you can go to the Office of Driver Services page and there is a wealth of information in logical formation so that it can be found and used effectively.

On the Driver Services Page you will find mailing addresses, website addresses, phone numbers and more, without having to click from page to page.  The main phone numbers addresses and emails are:

By Mail – Office of Driver Service – P.O. Box 9204 – Des …

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Idaho Driving Records Search Tips

Finding information regarding driving records is clear cut and easy on the Idaho Department of Transportation (DOT) website.  The main page is organized well and describes who can obtain records and for what reasons. 

The page goes on to provide more information plus a link for people to click on that takes the directly to the request for driving information and records form. 

There is a driver services section to click on that provides lots of information including how to deal with insurance, accidents, and a special section for new and/or young drivers.

There is also a button to click …

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Georgia Driving Records Ordering Process: How to search for them

With customers requesting more information and ability to do online transactions via internet the Georgia website has become very functional and easy to use. You a re able to find any information that you may be looking for and more and you are also able to find some of the forms you need and even make some of the transactions that would normally be make in walk-in offices online (with the correct identification). Only main family members are normally able to get specific information on their family’s driving records. For instance, a mother could get her child’s driving records when …

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Florida Driving Records Ordering Process: How to search for them

Florida has many convenient walk-in offices that you can use to look up driving records. However, they also have a very efficient official website. You are able to file complaints, find information, and find forms that you may need to register for a license, or to find copies, driving records, and much more. You are also able to set your appointments online or go through some of the steps you need to get a duplicate of your driving records or even for your identification card.

Records can be obtained:
By mail – If you are trying to find a mailing …

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Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles

With informative topics and helpful online services at the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles it is easy to not only get the help you need but actually be able to enjoy doing so. With services online for drivers, vehicle services, forms and more, you can find what you need and access what you require fast and easily.

With areas for people who are new to Delaware, it makes getting your license changed that much easier. Have you ever wondered how you sign up to be an organ donor? Many people want something good to come of if they pass and …

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Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicle Records: How to search for them and order

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles not only gives you all the information you need and has an easy to maneuver through website, providing all of the information you need for mailing, calling, or visiting an office. With the ability to contact every division of the Connecticut Department or Motor Vehicles, you know you will get the attention you deserve the best service possible.

Records can be obtained from any of the following:
By mail – If you wish to contact a specific division, person or unit use the address bellow with the name or division as the heading:

Department …

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Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles: How to find what you’re looking for

Colorado’s Department of Revenues is in charge of Colorado’s official Department of Motor Vehicles; any records you are unable to find in the following information can also be requested from the Department of Revenues.

You can procure records and/or forms from:
In Person – For and office near you, use the following link: http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?city=lakewood&state=CO&address=1881+pierce+st&zip=80214&country=us&zoom=8

By mail – To submit a request or to send for more information the Colorado DMV’s mailing address is:
Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles
1881 Pierce St.
Lakewood, CO 80214

To mail the Department of Revenues the mailing address is:
Colorado Department of Revenue
1375 Sherman …

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California Department of Motor Vehicles: How to find what you’re looking for

California’s Department of Motor Vehicles can help you get everything you need, to prepare you for driving whether you’re a first time driver or have been driving your whole life. You can find your records or even the records of your spouse or child if you share the same address.

You can acquire records from:
In Person – After you have set up an appointment that falls between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday you can walk right into the office (address is the same as the official mailing address listed below.)  The DMV really cares about your …

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Arkansas Driving License Search Records Ordering Process: How to search for them

The Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration’s Office of Motor Vehicle is charged with giving out all driving records, assigning licenses, and handling all charges.

All forms to order any record is available here:http://www.arkansas.gov/dfa/motor_vehicle/mv_mvforms.html
There have been a number of recent changes for the laws of requiring records within the state of Arkansas. Always have your verified social security number with you when you visit the office to prove who your identity. For a full list of the changed laws, visit: http://www.arkansas.gov/dfa/motor_vehicle/mv_changes.html#changes

You may also review all on-line services offer here: http://www.arkansas.gov/dfa/dfa_vehicles.html All information on the website is viewable …

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Arizona Driving License Search Records Ordering Process: How to search for them

The Motor Vehicle Division of the Arizona Department of Transportation houses all driving records and services for the citizens of Arizona.

All services and forms are available on-line at: http://www.azdot.gov/mvd/Menuonlineservices.asp You may also go to below web address to have a direct link to available forms for download and printing: http://mvd.azdot.gov/mvd/FormsandPub/mvd.asp

After you have located the necessary forms or on-line service, follow the directions closely. If you prefer using a website which is not the official Arizona DOT website, please remember to validate the website’s authenticity allowing access to any of your information.

There is a certain amount of time …

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