Driving Records Search Articles

Illinois Driving Records Search Tools

Finding driving records information in Illinois is an easy and straightforward process due to an excellent website that has a great deal of information and is easy to use even by a newcomer to the internet. 

If you go online to find driving records and enter their address (www.cyberdriveillinois.com), you will be taken to a website that was created to help you get as much of your driving records research online as possible.  The site is overseen by Secretary of State Jesse White’s office under the Driver Services Department of Illinois.  Aside from issuing millions of driver’s licenses …

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Looking for driving records in Arkansas is easy and straigtforward.  The website that the Office of Motor Vehicle has created is one of the best to navigate.  The website is located at www.state.ar.us/dfa/motor_vehicle/mv_index.html and has easy to find information.

When you enter the site you will immediately find links to click on, a drop down menu for various departments and contact information posted.   Forms and fees are listed and easy to follow and understand.  Many services are available online.  You can reach the Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicle, which is run by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, at …

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Alabama Driving Records Search

If you are looking for driving records in the state of Alabama, they have made it quite easy.  Their official website is a one-stop shop for everything you might need in the area of driving, vehicles, licenses and laws.

The website address is www.dps.state.al.us.  This takes you to the Alabama Department of Public Safety which oversees the driving records and vehicle registration and records for the state of Alabama. 
The site is well organized, making it easy to click on what you need to get.  If you click on “Driver License” on the left side of the page, you …

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Tennessee Driving Records

Searching for driving records in the State of Tennessee is a pretty straightforward experience.  As with any state whose information you are looking for, when you look through search engines on the internet, you will find pages of websites that offer to help you find that information.  However, the official wesite for finding driving records in Tennessee is www.tennessee.gov/safety/ which leads you to the Tennessee Department of Safety.  The Tennessee Department of Safety oversees driver licenses and driving records among other information that has to do with driving.

When you get to the main page of the Tennessee Department of …

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Minnesota Driving Records Search Tips

If you are looking for Minnesota driving records the website for the State of Minnesota is the best place to look.  The official website for the Minnesota Department of Transportation is www.dot.state.mn.us and has a great deal and a large variety of information on it. 

When the home page opens you are treated to lots of information.  There is even a section for Kids, and though it seems like there is almost too much information on one page, if you take your time to look through it, you can find what you need.

To find driver information you can click …

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New Jersey Driving Records Search

Looking for New Jersey driving records has gotten easier because of the internet.  By going to their official website at www.nj.gov/mvc you can find any types of records you need.  Since this is the official site overseen by the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, there are no extra fees and nothing to join.

Most websites that help you find records are third party sites, so they charge you the actual New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission fee plustheir own fee to find what you need.  Fortnately, if you go to the official New Jersey site, you will only be …

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Kentucky Driving Records Search Tips

If you are trying to obtain Kentucky driving records, the place to go is the website for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Division of Driver Licensing.  It sounds like a pretty big title, however, the website, www.transportation.ky.gov, is much easier to find than it sounds.

The site is innovative and high tech, but doesn’t make you feel like you are not up to the challenge of using the internet.  The main page has a variety of choices that have to do with transportation in the state of Kentucky, and you can click on the section across the top called “Motorists” …

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Kansas Driving Records Search Tips


If you need to find information regarding your driving records or someone else’s in Kansas they have an excellent website with a lot of information.  The driving records for the state of Kansas are part of the Kansas Department of Revenue.  The website, www.ksrevenue.org, is straightforward, organized and easy to use.  It is a “one stop” site where a person can get driving information and much more.

The instructions on the site are clear and concise, and the Kansas Department of Revenue has tried to put everything within reach by just the click of a mouse.  With one click, …

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Iowa Driving Records Search Tips

Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) oversees all driving record information.  Their website, at www.iowa.gov has an excellent, easy to use set up.  Once on the site you can go to the Office of Driver Services page and there is a wealth of information in logical formation so that it can be found and used effectively.

On the Driver Services Page you will find mailing addresses, website addresses, phone numbers and more, without having to click from page to page.  The main phone numbers addresses and emails are:

By Mail – Office of Driver Service – P.O. Box 9204 – Des …

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Idaho Driving Records Search Tips

Finding information regarding driving records is clear cut and easy on the Idaho Department of Transportation (DOT) website.  The main page is organized well and describes who can obtain records and for what reasons. 

The page goes on to provide more information plus a link for people to click on that takes the directly to the request for driving information and records form. 

There is a driver services section to click on that provides lots of information including how to deal with insurance, accidents, and a special section for new and/or young drivers.

There is also a button to click …

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